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Some BackGround on HAARP


If all this energy is available from empty space, then how come we are still using fossil fuels, you might ask? The answer is simple. The powers that control us are very rich. They got very rich by controlling such things as the energy (mostly oil and nuclear) industry. The last thing in the world they want is for us to have free energy, which is what results from understanding psychoenergetics (scalar electromagnetics, energetics, etc.).

What does all this mean to you? Let’s look at one example. There is a major government project being built in Alaska called the "HAARP" Program. "High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program." One of the patents for this project claims that it can "cause... total disruption of communications over a very large portion of the Earth... disrupting not only land-based communications, but also airborne communications and sea communications (both surface and subsurface)... missile or aircraft destruction, deflection, or confusion ... weather modification... by altering solar absorption... ozone, nitrogen, etc., concentrations could be artificially increased..."

I have a friend who returned from Canada recently. He was in contact with Nick Begich, Jr., who is monitoring the HAARP project (contact Nick at P.O. Box 201393, Anchorage, AK 99520). The friend was told that the government did a full wattage power-up test of HAARP on December 14, 1994.

This date is rather interesting when you match it with the following article which appeared in the "Austin American-Statesman" newspaper on the next day, December 15, 1994.

Western cities in the dark after 8-state mystery blackout. "Power surge might have triggered outages for up to 2 million people, by Richard Cole, AP.
SAN FRANCISCO - An unexplained power surge in the West Coast’s main electrical transmission line caused blackouts and other power power disruptions across eight Western states early Wednesday, shutting down a nuclear plant and forcing doctors to operate by flashlight.

As many as two million customers from Arizona to Washington went without power for periods ranging from a few seconds to several hours when a stretch of the giant 500-kilovolt Pacific power grid went dead just after midnight.

The blackout darkened the homes of 1 million California customers and interrupted power to patches of Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana.

An initial inspection showed no breaks in the section where the trouble began, a 60-mile line between Tracy and Fresno in California’s Central Valley.

"We believe it was a power surge from outside our service area, and a substation tripped to prevent an overloading of our system, just as a circuit breaker would do in your house," said Bill Sessa, Pacific Gas & Electric Co. spokesman.
Now let’s look more closely at one of the HAARP patents (excerpted from HAARP file downloaded from the Internet):
  • INVENTOR: Peter Koert, Washington, DC
    ASSIGNEE: APTI, Inc., Washington, DC (U.S. Corp.)
    APPL-NO: 07/524,435
    DATE FILED: May 17, 1990
    INT-CL: [5] HO4B 7/00; HO1Q 3/22
    US-CL-ISSUED: 342/367, 372
    US-CL-CURRENT: 342/367, 372
    SEARCH-FLD: 342/367, 353, 371, 372; 455/64 REF-CITED:
    3,445,844 5/1969 Grossi et al. 342/367
    4,253,190 2/1981 Csonka 455/12
    4,686,605 8/1987 Eastlund 361/231
    4,712,155 12/1987 Eastlund et al. 361/231
    4,817,495 4/1989 Drobot 89/1.11
    ART-UNIT: 222
    PRIM-EXMR: Gregory C. Issing
    LEGAL-REP: Foley & Lardner

This invention relates to generation of an Artificial Ionospheric Mirror (AIM), or a plasma layer in the atmosphere. The AIM is used like the ionosphere to reflect RF energy over great distances. A tiltable AIM is created by a heater antenna controlled in phase and frequency. The heater antenna phase shift scans a beam to paint a plasma layer. Frequency is changed to refocus at continually higher altitudes to tilt the plasma layer.

Here is a quotation from "Youth Action News" concerning HAARP:
Dr. Bernard J. Eastlund’s Aug. 13, 1991 patent (No. 5,038,664) describes the system now being implemented in the U.S. HAARP transmitter:

If the particles which form the plasma along the Earth’s field lines continued to move with a constant pitch angle, often designated "alpha," they would soon impact on the Earth’s surface. However, in converging force field, the pitch angle does change in such a way as to allow the particle to turn around and avoid impact.

The point at which the particle turns around is called the mirror point. This process is repeated at the other end of the field line. The particle again turns around and this is called the "conjugate point" of the original mirror point. The particle is therefore trapped and bounces between the two magnetic mirrors. The particle can continue oscillating in space in this manner for long periods of time.
(Letter with July 1994 copy of "Youth Action News," P.O. Box 312, Alexandria, VA 22313.)
I think it is obvious that the HAARP project is the same as the scalar electromagnetics phase conjugate mirrors that Bearden describes in articles he has written detailing Russian weather warfare against the United States and the shoot-down of the "Challenger" Space Shuttle, the destruction of numerous rockets and missiles, and relative to the ongoing (including recent) shoot-downs of many aircraft (such as the USAIR crash near Pittsburgh). And now, it was revealed soon after the Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing, that there were two bomb blasts, the second of which came from overhead pulse beam blasts. ("CONTACT: The Phoenix Project" newspaper, April 25, 1995, p. 31. For subscriptions, call 1-800-800-5565.)


One of the results that scalar electromagnetics can produce, as listed above, is "confusion." We hear of controllers becoming "confused" in Iraq and shooting down our own helicopters. We hear of a pilot trying to land on a carrier and becoming "confused" and crashing.

Recently in the news we hear of a helicopter pilot in Korea who got "confused" and strayed across the border and was shot down. In today’s newspapers, as I write these notes, is an article which states:
"Human error alone was to blame for a U.S. Army helicopter straying into North Korea and getting shot down last winter, but no one involved should be punished, the Army said in a report Thursday. It said Hilemon and Hall had become disoriented in unfamiliar terrain."
("Austin American Statesman," "Army blames none for North Korea shootdown," p. A3, June 23, 1995.)
This sounds reasonable enough until you stop and think. It is almost impossible for today’s highly sophisticated military vehicles to become "lost," unless something pretty major happens, because of geo-positioning satellites and such. Any fisherman can buy a little hand-held device that will tell him where he is. How can pilots flying one of the world’s most dangerous borders just "stray" across?

Do you remember the infamous raid into Iran to rescue the hostages during President Carter’s administration, April 24-26, 1980? If you recall, the raid failed, because the helicopters got lost and had their equipment fouled because of sandstorms and the pilots got "confused" and crashed into each other. It was a very embarrassing incident for the United States.

These were the most highly-trained people in the world (U.S. Army Special Forces Delta Teams) flying the best equipment in the world, and they got defeated by "dust storms?" Did it never occur to any of the pilots to simply fly above the dust storms? Doesn’t that suggest there must be more to the story?

Let’s examine this event more closely. Col. Charlie Beckwith was the officer in charge of the Delta Teams and writes of the event in his book "Delta Force." (Harcourt Brace Janovich, with Donald Knox, copyright 1983.)

Three troop-carrying MC-130s and three fuel-bearing EC-130s left from Masirah Island off the coast of Oman and flew to a desert spot in Iran. There they were to wait 30 minutes for eight helicopters to arrive. Then the 118 man assault force would load on to the RH-53D helicopters and continue the raid.

For some reason, the helicopters were up to an hour and a half late. When the helicopters started arriving, Beckwith quoted them as saying,
"Its been a hell of a trip," and "words to the effect that if we had any sense we would move the helios out into the desert and load everyone on C-130s and go home."
Strange words for the most highly-motivated, gung-ho soldiers in the military, don’t you think?
"I didn’t understand how tough a time he’d really had; and he didn’t elaborate on his statement." Two helicopters never arrived at all, and the six that did eventually arrive came from scattered in all directions.

One pilot said, "I don’t know who’s really running things at my level, but I’ll tell you this much, that some very careful consideration ought to be given to calling off this operation. You have no idea what I’ve been through. The damndest sandstorm I’ve ever seen hit us. It was tough! I gotta tell you, I’m not sure we’re going to make it. I’m really not sure we can make it."

"Here were two very strong officers whom we’d observed and knew, who now were pretty well shattered.

"Things were so confused that the mission was called off. They began to load back onto the C-130s to leave. I turned around and began to walk quietly toward the head of the line. It was nearly 2:40 A.M. Some of the C-130 pilots had started to gun their engines. Dust was blowing all around. Between wind gusts, I saw one of the choppers lift off and bank to the left. It slid slightly backward. Then, BALLLOOEE! It wasn’t a bomb, not a CRACK! It was a THUMP!"

Next a "gasoline" explosion. A blue fireball ballooned into the night. Obviously, the chopper I’d just seen lift off - it had been Major Schaefer’s - had struck the northernmost EC-130, the one on which Blue Element had just boarded" (pp. 244-248).
P. 251:
"Just two hours into the mission, this helicopter received an indication that one of its main rotor blades was about to malfunction. It landed at once. Another helicopter (Number Eight) landed with it. When it was determined that Number Six could not proceed farther, its crew climbed aboard the other chopper, which then proceeded to Desert One. Helicopter Number Five, the one in which Colonel Pittman was flying, turned back to the carrier four-fifths of the way to Desert One, when after flying through several cyclonic sandstorms, it began experiencing instrument problems."
Dr. Peter Beter recorded the following comments on this incident a month later on June 28, 1980, which were published in "Wisconsin Report" newspaper on July 31, 1980.
(Dr. Beter was an attorney practicing before the U.S. Supreme Court, appointed to U.S. Export-Import Bank by President Kennedy, was involved in intelligence activities, originator of the term "stagflation", responsible for revealing that there is no gold in Fort Knox, and had many intelligence contacts. He had access to very high-level sources of information.)
The American Commandoes who were sent into Iran tried their best to follow orders and do their duty; but unknown to them, those who had planned the raid did not intend for it to succeed. They were supposed to reach Teheran but discovered too late that they were too small a force to do the job. As soon as the Commandoes ran into big trouble, that was to be used as an excuse for American navy jets to strafe Teheran; and with American passion stirred up, the Iran crisis was to escalate with additional military moves. But for more than a year now, Russian Intelligence has been informed about even the most secret plans in Washington; and so the Russians were ready.
They unraveled the latest Bolshevik war plan in two ways. First the huge armada of cosmospheres were floating overhead on April 25 as the American helicopter force entered Iran. Using their weather modification capabilities, the Cosmospheres intensified dust storms in the area. They also utilized microwave brain-scrambling radiation to cause nausea, disorientation, and fatigue among the helicopter crews. The Russian brain-scrambler is the same technology which I first revealed in Audio Letter No. 20.

The Russians were hoping to cause the mission to be given up as hopeless without casualties, but the American Commando force reached its first check point, regrouped and prepared to continue.

So the Cosmospheres turned up their brain-scrambling transmitters to full power. One helicopter took off but veered off crazily, and sliced into a C-130 Troop Transport airplane. Two others prepared to take off. The Cosmospheres overhead fired low-power bursts from their Particle Beams, rotor blades flew off, and the helicopters went nowhere. At that point it was obvious that it was all over.

The raid was aborted, and all energy shifted to efforts to explain away the disaster to the public. Soon the charred bodies of slain Commandoes were flown home to Dover Air Force Base, Delaware. It was the second time in less than two years for Dover to receive bodies from a secret Commando raid by the United States! The first time they had paid the price for a successful operation was in Guyana [Jonestown]. On April 28... Cyrus Vance resigned as Secretary of State in protest.
In the next paragraph, Beter continues by telling of Russian pulse beams triggering the eruption of Mt. St. Helens on May 18, but that is another story. Don’t you think you NEED to learn and understand what has been going on?

The single best source of ongoing and background information is "CONTACT" newspaper. For subscription information, call 1-800-800-5565 or write Contact, Inc., P.O. Box 27800, Las Vegas, NV 89126.

For Dr. Beter’s information, write to the "Wisconsin Report," P.O. Box 45, Brookfield, WI 53008-0045.

Also write for the Tesla Book Company’s catalog and order "Fer-De-Lance" and/or "AIDS: Biological Warfare" by Lt. Col. Tom E. Bearden, Tesla Book Company, P.O. Box 121873, Chula Vista, CA 91912. For ["more"] Tesla information contact International Tesla Society, P.O. Box 5636, Colorado Springs, CO 80931.

Truth is the only thing that can save you. Learning Truth is a lifelong journey. May you enjoy the trip.

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